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What Kind of Church Are we?

As a congregation within the Independent Christian Church tradition of the Restoration Movement, we embody a unique identity in the Christian faith landscape.

At the heart of our church is a commitment to the sole authority of Scripture, free from the constraints of denominational affiliations. Our foundation rests firmly in the Lord's teachings, direction, and leadership. This independence signifies not a detachment from the broader Christian community, but a profound reliance on God’s Word for all matters of belief, governance, and community life.

The genesis of the Independent Christian Churches within the Restoration Movement was fueled by individuals from diverse denominational backgrounds who shared a common desire to transcend the divisions that had been introduced by human traditions. Our aspiration is to return to the foundational teachings of the Bible, with the practices and community life of the early church as depicted in the Book of Acts serving as our exemplar for doctrine, devotion, governance, and growth.

In matters of faith and practice, the Bible is our exclusive guide. We consciously step away from human-created creeds, doctrinal declarations, and ecclesiastical structures, adhering solely to Scripture for direction in doctrinal, organizational, and practical aspects of our faith. Our guiding principle is succinctly captured in the motto: "No book but the Bible, no creed but Christ."

Our focus is unequivocally on Jesus Christ, aiming to bridge the divisions often created by denominational affiliations. By adopting the simple, scriptural designation of "Christian" for our community, we strive to foster unity among believers. Our stance is clear: we identify simply as Christians, without claiming exclusivity to this identity.

As an independent congregation, our church enjoys complete autonomy. We are not subject to the oversight of a denominational body, nor are we governed by an external ecclesiastical hierarchy. Each Independent Christian Church, including ours, is self-directed, making decisions on staff selection, property ownership, program development, and missionary engagement based on the teachings of the Bible.

For instance, within our community:

  • We autonomously select our leadership team.

  • We possess and manage our property and resources.

  • We independently design and implement our ministry initiatives.

  • We choose the missionaries and organizations we support, guided by our commitment to the Gospel and the principles of God’s Word.

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