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Our Leadership

Palmer Christian Church is lead by three Elders.

Andrew Titus

Andrew Titus is a dedicated family man, happily married to Michelle, with whom he shares three wonderful children and an Alaskan native, being raised in Anchorage. Since July 2023, he has served as an elder at Palmer Christian Church. Andrew is deeply rooted in the Restoration Movement. Andrew's commitment to his faith and church community is a family legacy, with his father being a retired preacher and other family members actively involved in various church-related roles. Gifted in both teaching and administration, Andrew leads with a compassionate and thoughtful approach, drawing on his deep spiritual background and innate leadership skills to guide and inspire those around him. His contributions to the church and community reflect a life of service and devotion, making a significant impact on the lives he touches.

Brice Norris

Brice Norris is a devoted family man, married to Sara, with whom he shares three delightful children. The Norris family has a passion for the outdoors, engaging in activities such as fishing and climbing to the top of Hatcher Pass in search of the Aurora Borealis or embarking on other adventures that allow them to connect with the outdoors. Born and raised in Eagle River, Brice is an alumnus of Chugiak High School, demonstrating his deep roots in the local community.

Brice is also a "PK," being the son of the current preacher in Eagle River. This background has profoundly influenced his personal and professional life. Furthering his commitment to his faith, Brice pursued and obtained a Bible degree from Ozark Christian College, where he met his wife, Sara.

In July 2023, Brice took on the role of an elder at Palmer Christian Church, marking a significant milestone in his journey of faith and leadership within the church community. His skills in teaching, combined with a compassionate heart, enable him to care for and connect with people on a deep level. Brice's dedication to his faith, family, and community underscores his character as a leader and mentor within his church and the broader community.

Lucas Lance

Lucas Lance, an Elder since July of 2023, is a multifaceted individual whose life is a blend of family, faith, and the great Alaskan outdoors. Married to Lydia, a talented musician and dedicated Sunday School teacher, Lucas is a devoted husband and father. Together, they are raising four young men with a shared passion for hunting, fishing, football, and various sports, embodying the adventurous spirit of Alaska.

Lucas's roots are deeply embedded in faith, being the son of a retired preacher, which profoundly influences his life and work. Known for his remarkable ability to collect and procure anything one might need in Alaska, Lucas has earned a reputation as the go-to person for the lost and found of the state.

A true Alaskan at heart, Lucas is also a skilled knife maker, showcasing his love for craftsmanship and the outdoors. His deep love for God is evident in his commitment to serving the church and community, where he is seen as the ultimate utility infielder, willing to do almost anything that's needed to further the Kingdom. His talents extend to teaching and serving those in need, making him a gifted and compassionate figure within his community. Lucas Lance embodies the spirit of service, adventure, and faith, making a significant impact on his family and those around him.

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